Flashing Light “Radio Sincroled”

The device allows to create a luminous sequence to signal to the vehicles a lane restriction or a lane changing. It is mainly used in highway working zones, supplementing the normal signals. The synchronization is made via radio through the sequential switching of the flashing lights.

Quick installation thanks to the absence of cables and to its small dimensions. The lamp is furnished with LED lenses at high brightness (L8H) and low consumptions. It is possible to choose different modality of flashing and also to control the battery level. The lamps synchronization is unlimited in order to guarantee its use even in long lasting working zones.





Code Description
200300016 6 V 7 Ah battery
200300022 6 V 25 Ah battery
200300038 6 V 45 Ah battery
204200005 White/Red Engineer Grade 25×100 cm signal panel
201800033 28 kg safety base
Code Description Box
202000068 Radio Sincroled 4 pcs
202000070 Radio Sincroled with 42 mm cap 4 pcs