Led Traffic Light “Count Down”

The Led Traffic light “count down” is a new product used in the working zones, the device shows the time left before changing colour for the start or the stop of the vehicle. The system is powered by three traffic light lamps and does not require additional cabling control. In facts the counting time and the configuration are automatically made during the first traffic light cycle. Thanks to the high brightness and to the LED colour, depending on the traffic light phase, the display results readable even from great distances avoiding the risks of a wrong reading of the drivers. The three [...]

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DTS 600

Because of the new demands of international markets, particularly the French, we launched a new product: the DTS 600. The DTS 600 is an advanced system based on Doppler radar technology able to relieve and show the speed of the approaching vehicles and giving advancing messages . The sensor, integrated into the container system, is made by doppler radar working at frequency of 24.125GHz and of a card and a processor that analyze the signal from the radar, performs the classification and counting, and then stores the data in a separate dedicated memory. The downloading data can be done through [...]

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