Flashing Light “Sequential System with Cables”

The device is made of homologated LED lamps (master and slave) with via cable synchronization, without electronic control unit. The module permits to realize a luminous sequence of different length in order to warn the vehicles of a lane restriction or a roadway changing. Mainly used in highway working zones.

Thanks to the master light is possible to set up 3 different speeds for the luminous sequence, the activation of twilight and guide light. It is possible to configure the system with only slave lights, if the functions of the master are not required. Sure lamps synchronization thanks to the cables. It is possible to apply the lamps on different supports thanks to the rear integrated bracket.






Code Description
200500120 Adapter cable for slave light
200500124 Extension 15 m cable
909037186 cap for 60 mm pole
204200005 White/Red Engineer Grade 25×100 cm signal panel
201800033 kg 28 safety base
200200012 12V 3,0Ah 230VAC power supply feeder
201200036 Battery holder
200300011 100 Ah battery
200300001 180 Ah battery
Code Description
201900187 Master Light
201900188 Slave Light
200500119 Power supply 5 m cable for master light