h 3 cm Rubber Pedestrian Crossing

It is useful device for the protection of the “weak users” of the street such as: pedestrians, cyclists, children and elderly people in the residential zones and near the schools. The device has the purpose to limit the speed of the driver and to pay attention to the pedestrian crossing. It is recommended with other products as the pedestrian save, in order to increase the security of the pedestrian especially during the night.

Very easy to install, to remove and to carry. The modular elements made of vulcanized rubber, can guarantee the maximum elasticity and resistance from the passing vehicles. The white reflective inserts allow high visibility also during the night.





Code Description
199000057 HBR 10 x 120 fixing screws




Code Description
111030001 Black brick 50 x 50 x h 3 cm
111030002 White brick 50 x 50 x h 3 cm
111030003 Male terminal driver side 37,5 x 50 x h 3 cm
111030004 Female terminal driver side 37,5 x 50 x h 3 cm
111030005 Pedestrian side terminal 37,5 x 50 x h 3 cm
111030006 Coupling angle 37,5 x 37,5 x h 3 cm