Warning Trailer

Fig. 401

Location mobile signal placed on a trailer pulled by a vehicle. It is mainly used for signaling highway working zones. Equipped with LED lenses and with arrow signal adjustable to the free side, its purpose is to signal to the driver the deviation to follow. Our standard trailer is composed by 23 Ø 200 mm led lights and 2 Ø 300 mm to show the different configurations: arrow right/ arrow left/triangle/ double arrow and right or left sequence. The led lights are mounted in a structure made of aluminum plate covered by white/red HI tape. All the structure is made by galvanized steel: the loading compartment is in zinc plated and it is composed by 3 parts: 1 closed space for the batteries, 2 open spaces where is possible to place different tools. It is possible to have the trailer with or without brakes. Manual blue arrow sign. The maximum speed in closed position is 80 km/h while in the operating position is 25 km/h.

High visibility, strong structure resistant to the hurts, vain used to transport various tools.







Code Description
909032033 Warning trailer (fig. 401) with High Intensity Grade tape